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Keep the fire burning at the altar

Keeping the fire burning at the altar Leviticus 6:12-13 According to the law of burnt offering, Aaron was commanded that the fire on the Altar shall be kept burning; never be put out and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning In Leviticus we learn that the consuming fire came down from heaven. […]

The Price (Poem)

The Price A People so strange, with nothing in common, Crowds so random, whose meetings were forlorn, A thing so invisible yet again so real, Transformed much more than just a mere feel.   In pain and chain I’d live forever, With bare consolation and comfort never, Pricey it was however, to endure the endeavor, […]

He is God, He is Good

He is God, He is Good Is God really good? This question is common to Christians during hard life circumstances. The interesting thing is that sometimes this goodness is not appreciated during the good times. His goodness is taken for granted. The maxim “God is good, all the time,” has become a cliché in Christian […]

A Journey of Love

A Journey of Love: Against all Odds Jijenge: How did you meet and what attracted you to each other? Sam: We were in the same Campus, The Kenya Polytechnic University College, now called The Technical University of Kenya. We both served in the Christian Union, Emily as the CU Secretary and I as the Missions […]

Mi moment -Spoken Word

Lord I sit here trying to understand you. I know you sure are there but I don’t know where. I try to imagine how you look like. Are you an angry GOD staring down at me as I sin, only sparing me because of my mother’s prayers? Or is my life your way of punishing […]

The Truth About Cancer

In the course of our life, we have all lost something; money, phone(s), trust, friendship, a pen (man! Especially when you have just left your desk for a minute and when you come back, your pen is nowhere to be seen. We all hate that, don’t we?). But nothing is comparable to losing a loved […]

Sexual Perversion

Wednesday evening… I’m busy at the FOCUS Kenya Offices finishing up on tasks that require internet connection. We of the Bush, as Everret Standa would call us, have the tendency of utilizing some rare resources given the chance. This is after being used to the 15MB and 15SMS per day with numerous messages from Safaricom […]

The Born Again Temper

“You people are too serious; I don’t think I can handle this seriousness” “These kids too loud,” or “Don’t they realize I need my time alone?” I have heard this as well, “Guys, we gotta keep going. We can’t afford to give up here regardless of the hardship ahead.” Moreover, “People, we have a goal […]

My Gift,I Gift it Back

  We recently had a Talent Sunday in TUK-CU fellowship. The first ever   event organized for talent exposition. It was awesome to witness the rich diversity of our gifts; dancing, singing, spoken word, and artistic displays. The winners, after showcasing God’s generous giftings in each of these categories, were identified and rewarded. Many people ask, […]