The Price (Poem)

The Price

A People so strange, with nothing in common,

Crowds so random, whose meetings were forlorn,

A thing so invisible yet again so real,

Transformed much more than just a mere feel.


In pain and chain I’d live forever,

With bare consolation and comfort never,

Pricey it was however, to endure the endeavor,

With blood as a ransom you paid whatsoever.


A home you gave me when a house I wanted,

You clothed my whole being when the heart I rented,

My tears you dried and placed me in a family,

A people once strangers, a kingdom found fully.


Sometimes loneliness and despair encroaches,

At such your love and warmth embraces,

For this family you open doors no one closes,

United by blood in you Lord no one losses.

by Winfred Mwaniki


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